Friendship, Love and Marriage

What would life be without friendship? A friend is someone we can laugh and have fun with, but also cry and share pain with. Friends can help us explore the world, get new ideas and find answers to our questions. A marriage based on friendship has a strong foundation. But, who is a real friend? What are the qualities you should look for? Look out for helpful hints here.

In a perfect world, you would be with the one you love, your soul mate, your best friend above all others. If you're happily in love, FRIENDS & Lovers is here to celebrate your love!This isn't a perfect world, and love isn't always so grand. Relationships crumble, lovers leave, midlife happens, divorce looms. For those rough times, FRIENDS & Lovers is here to help you find answers, and, maybe even a new love.


Living and Loving together.

IT WAS MUSIC WHICH BROUGHT suzane and john together in 1994. "I was at the Radio One library and he would come in for CDs before his programs. I found his knowledge of music, his intelligence, education, and of course his good-looks very attractive," says suzane.To john, the time they spent together talking about music and life made him realize that suzane was indeed a very special girl, intelligent and with very ambitious goals which included living a highly independent lifestyle.JOHN MOVES INTO SUZANE'S HOUSEAfter months of dating, John moved into suzane's house and later baby Uppy was born. "I have always wanted a baby. I am the only boy in the family and I wanted to give my sisters a surprise". They stayed together for more than four years without marrying, "Things like weddings are not important without love. I don't mind living without a ring as long as I am in love," says suzane. THIS IS NOT WHAT PARENTS LIKE TO SEE They want their children to fall in love, get married and move in together - in that order. suzane's parents had no problems about her decision. But that was not the case with john. "My mother was not sure about it, the boiling-point was when I moved into suzane's house. Had she come to our house then it would have been different. Time has passed and my mama has come to terms with our relationship and now they are best friends" Many know john Liundi as a radio DJ with an exceptional knowledge of music. Indeed, he has been exposed to different cultures since childhood, having lived in Europe and many countries in Africa. But this down-to-earth hunk has something more to offer than his musical knowledge. Since 1995 he has been involved in HIV/AIDS awareness and has worked with the Tanzania Aids Project, AMREF and Population Services International (PSI). JOHN AND HIV/AIDS CAMPAIGNS Getting involved in the campaign against AIDS was a big step for JOHN, something he is proud of. "I read a lot and when I knew something I wanted to share it with friends and the network broadened." " Since 1995 I have dedicated my life to understanding the disease and providing the public with AIDS information." Apart from spreading the word to friends, the couple act as they preach. Their rules give three options: one; Stick to one faithful lover. Two: Abstain from having sex. Three: If you cannot observe the first two, never forget your condoms. "For us the first option applies," john says. LOVE AND TRUST KEEP US MOVING How does suzane handle all the pressure of having a busy partner who is always going places? "Through time I have come to understand his cause and I will help him perform his duties. I support him fully. He has proved his love to me and I trust him." he gets to raise awareness on AIDS. What message does he want to give our readers? "First you need to understand the disease. It is important to know the difference between HIV and AIDS. Take trouble to find out, don't take anything for granted. Then observe the safety rules." suzane studied at Makerere Universitv in Uganda; a country that was ranked among the nations mostly affected by HIV/AIDS but is now on the decline following the Government's open campaigns. Through this experience suzane can talk about the effects of HIV/AIDS which further supports Taji's cause. Her message: "Information about AIDS and the virus need not be blanketed. People have to be open and honest about it. Uganda has succeeded because everyone talks about AIDS. Killer disease is the name for it. The president knows that and so do his ministers when they campaign for AIDS awareness and they would like to spend more time on this campaign, if they could. It's working. I wish Tanzania could copy that. In Uganda, TV and radio stations broadcast educational material on the disease, why can't we do that? I think the problem is that we consider AIDS a shameful thing but it is not, at least not when it is claiming lives everyday." Living together was also thought of as shameful but suzane and john's story shows loving families who can work, live and play together in harmony. It is only through this stable family life and DJ work that John can spread the word of HIV and AIDS, and it is only through the support of his partner, Suzane, that he can do this successful.

Choosing the right person to get married to

Ideally, your partner is someone you choose for your entire life. Whilst choosing, each person has his or her own ideas of what is important tolook for. And often emotions are stronger than rational decision-making.Nevertheless, there are certain helpful guidelines for choosing a boyfriend or girlfriend.Try to choose a person who respects you and his or her elders, and a person whom you can trust. Select a person you can talk to, with whom you can debate and discuss without getting into arguments. Try to find a person who likes to do similar things to you. Choose a person who can understand your problems and who is ready to help you to find solutions. Also consider the health of the person. INFORM YOUR PARENTS Inform your parents whom you have chosen as your boyfriend or girlfriend and introduce the person to your parents. At the same time try to get to know his or her parents. Don’t rush things, take your time to get to know and understand your boyfriend or girlfriend well.

What is the right age to get married!

In most cases, getting married also means having children. It is verydifficult to indicate the appropriate age for marriage, because different people are ready to take this responsibility at different times. Some are ready at the age of 20, while others become ready only when theyget much older.Because marriage is often linked to becoming a parent, there are certain medical aspects. A girl below age 18-20 should not bear children, because her body is not ready for childbearing. Her pelvic bones are still too narrow and the sexual organs are not strong enough. The girl’s vagina may be permanently injured at delivery, as it is still too small and not strong enough. Therefore, you are advised to wait to get married until the girl reaches an age, in which is safe for bearing children, and until you have built a solid foundation for your future life. Before you are ready to get married, you can still have a boyfriend or a girlfriend. You can slowly get to know each other’s behaviour, likes and dislikes and build a solid foundation for your relationship.








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