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             The mysterious 'O'
So many people have been talking about orgasm. What is it all about? What does it feel to have an orgasm.

As sexual excitement increases, the woman or man may have an orgasm. This means the peak of
sexual pleasure caused by contractions of muscles in your sexual organs. You can reach orgasm
through sexual intercourse but also through masturbation. It is usually easy for a man to reach
this peak every time he has sex as it tends to coincide with his ejaculation.

For women reaching an orgasm usually takes longer. Studies show that only four out of 10 women reach this peak and as a result they get frustrated. This is because after the man she is with has reached his peak he is no longer interested or just too exhausted to help her reach hers.

Ultimate sexual fulfillment requires a collaborative effort between you and your partner. You need to know your own body and where and how you like to be touched. You need to feel relaxed and happy because you are practicing safer sex. Be confident that you have chosen a loving partner who is sensitive to y

Women can have Orgasms
Women also have orgasms when having sex. A woman reaching an orgasm when having sex feels a very special excitement and well-being in her body.

In contrast to men, women do not ejaculate when reaching an orgasm. Even though you can't see this sign when a woman orgasms, she can still have orgasms as much as a man can.

Men have orgasm faster - but not necessarily
Men can sometimes orgasm faster than women, but if you both want sex and take your time then you can both orgasm maybe even at the same time!
Because of their physiology, men often reach orgasm faster than women do. However, if men make sure that the woman is ready to have sex and if they take enough time for foreplay, it is possible for a man and a woman to have an orgasm together. This will bring a lot of
enjoyment to both of them.

Orgasm with ease
For orgasm with ease
Make sure you are both ready to have sex. Ready means that you love and respect each other, have talked about having sex and are not worried about getting pregnant.
Every woman and every man have certain parts of their body which are very sensitive to touching and if you cuddle them it is very easy to have an orgasm.

Sometimes men have trouble to orgasm
When men have trouble to orgasm. When a man has an orgasm, his penis erects and normally he ejaculates. Sometimes a man cannot
ejaculate when having sex. This can be for different reasons.
To ejaculate requires a lot of energy. Therefore anything which reduces the physical energy of a man, like for example sickness, drunkenness, drug abuse, feeling hungry can hinder the man from
ejaculating properly.
Other important reasons for not being able to ejaculate, are not being ready to have sex or not really being in love. If for example drinking or smoking is the reason for not ejaculating, the person should try to refrain from drinking or smoking. He should also try to relax and increase the time spent on foreplay when having sex.

Sometimes women have trouble to orgasm
There are several reasons for women not reaching the orgasm. But often it is caused by too little sexual foreplay, by not being mentally ready to have sex or by fear of the possible consequences.
If a woman is mentally ready to have sex and if the man tries to
satisfy her, it is very likely that there will be no problem for the woman to have an orgasm.

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